Ask MPs and local Councillors to support our campaign

We urge everyone to write to their MPs and local Councillors asking them to support our campaign. Make your letter as personal as possible, and tell them how the cladding scandal is affecting your life. Ask for a specific action, and let them know you expect a reply.

Check our Urgent Call to Action page for template letters you and your friends and family can use when there are specific calls to action asking everyone to write to their MP.

UK Parliament has some useful tips on how to contact your MP and what to do if they don’t reply.

You can find your MP and local Councillors at TheyWorkForYou. All you need is your postcode. You can use this site to keep an eye on what MPs say and how they vote as well.

You can also find your MP and email them directly using this online tool: Write to Them

You might find this article helpful: How can my local councillor help?